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Your destination : Loire valley

Loire valley

Loire valley

It's the region of the famous castles with about 75 spectacular units, lush sceneries, plenty of navigable waterways with the main one of all of them, the Loire river.

It is the biggest in the country. At the heart of an exceptional living landscape, it offers you a great experience.

Such emblematic middle ages figures as the chateaux of Angers, Montrichard or Loches; Splendours of the Renaissance with the castle of Chambord, Chenonceau, Cheverny or Blois.

Unexpected stopovers at various points in history will capture anybody's imagination.

Other main assets of the Loire valley are sweet, dry, sparkling, white, red or rosé wines : 80 thousand acres of "tasting" ! Delicious wine, regional gastronomy, local particularities, and of course the famous heritage of the Kings and the aristocraty for around three hundred years in the French past: treasures and witnesses from centuries ago awaiting your discovery !

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