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Since it is the longest coastline in France, the Brittany peninsula offers a variety of amazing landscapes, each part of the coastline has its own identity, delicate blending of colours and shapes of the rocks and the sea.

Its clear water wavers between blue and green, its rocks of a warm orangy gold give a unique aspect of Brittany's coastlines.

The interior Brittany, named "Argoat", charms us with its metamorphosis of colours with the changing of seasons, golden yellow shades of cultivated fields, rich bronze tints of the woodlands, mauves of the moorland's heather, and all the different shades of green fern and moss.

Paths across the fields bear witness to great history and heritage. There, a chapel seems to have been forgotten by mankind in the middle of nowhere.

Further on, in the mists over a reed-bordered lake, appear the outlines of a medieval castle. It's a land of fresh water, a Brittany hollowed out by many rivers.

Brittany never turns its back for too long on the sea, whose  powerful tides sometimes push up its salty taste far into the fields.  Its rugged cliffs and its coasts battered by gusty west winds were bound to attract artists, nurtured by romantic poets' tormented verses.

Its exceptional luminosity will fascinate you.

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