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"Ile de France" : the island of France, called this way since it's surrounded by rivers.

With about 12 million people it is the biggest region and the wealthiest, warm summers and cold winters with light and atmosphere.

The major zones are :

  • West and east: the most of the population lives in this area
  • Paris the central city: in its limits defined today with the ring road In the twenties more than 3 million people, but today about 2,2 millions: 20% of the population of the area, representing about 35% of employment opportunities.
  • The little crown: about 4 million people, a mixed of big buildings or little houses, suburbs with Versailles or St Denis Basilica for example.
  • The big crown : much more rural with a good road connecting network; Beautiful sights that were strong inspirational sources for artists who were naturally charmed as you will be.

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