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Louvre & Mona Lisa Private Guided Tour during 3 hours

walking tourDuration : 3:00 hrs

Price : 480.00 € (1-3 pers.) - 520.00 € (4-6 pers.)
Except : tuesdays
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Louvre & Mona Lisa Private Guided Tour during 3 hours

Louvre visit of the largest museum of the world!

Private guided walking tour of the Louvre museum where are exhibited of course: the Mona Lisa and many interesting collections.
After an introduction to the building and its different functions, the licensed guide will make you discover the palace and the museum. You will skip the line to enter the museum.
Many subjects will be approached to enable you to see the best of the Louvre.
For you this is a tailor made visit with a private licensed guide in order to understand the evolution of the art through many centuries and see the highlights.
Four thousand years of man's history, one of the greatest Art collections exposed in a museum.
In the Louvre museum many things are possible and even if you have already seen the Louvre, it won't be the same with the team guides of Sandy Tours!
You can select the historical period you prefer; it is possible to tell us the piece of art you want to see when booking this tour. Of course rarely are forgotten the masterpieces of the Italian renaissance painting like the Mona Lisa from Leonardo Da Vinci, famous Greek sculptures like the Venus of Milo and the Samothrace Victory.
We can also make the visit of Napoleon III apartments in the Richelieu wing of the Louvre.
The classical other wings of the museum you will see are Sully with the medieval Louvre and Denon with the traditional Italian and French painting.
This museum is a giant encyclopedia of Art and we are proud to welcome you inside the famous Louvre of Paris!

Tickets and reservation fees not included unless specified with the booking.
Reservation fees necessary for more than 6 persons


Louvre museum : Mona Lisa
Louvre museum : Mona Lisa
Louvre museum
Louvre museum
Louvre museum : Venus de Milo
Louvre museum : Venus de Milo


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