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Malmaison Napoléon's wife : Josephine and her castle

minivan tourDuration : 4:00 hrs

Price : 470.00 € (1-3 pers.) - 510.00 € (4-7 pers.)
Except : tuesdays, wednesdays
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Malmaison Napoléon s wife : Josephine and her castle

Malmaison: private residence of the emperor Napoléon 1 and his first wife Josephine

Private guided tour in Malmaison : palace of Napoléon and his wife Josephine.
Napoleon encouraged his wife to purchase a little domain outside Paris :that's going to be "La Malmaison".
In this castle, Josephine will spend the most beautiful years in common with her husband, until their divorce.
The most skilled artists of the time will contribute to design and furnish this place and park. Downtown in the church, the tomb of Josephine is to be seen also.

Tickets and reservation fees not included unless specified with the booking.


Malmaison : castle
Malmaison : castle
Malmaison : castle
Malmaison : castle
Malmaison : castle
Malmaison : castle


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